Anou Khanijou

Founder + Managing Director

Undoubtedly, limiting a 30-year legacy to a 100-word profile was a suicide mission. But if there’s any consolation, Anou is that unassuming. It doesn’t really matter how much she has brought to the agency as a brainchild, advocate, innovator, champion, nurturer…and so forth. What matters that she is the agency and the impact speaks for itself.

Anou Events is the latest incarnation in a long litany of successful businesses that Anou has single-handedly conceptualised and managed. Her goal has always been to raise strong women leaders, guided by the same passion and wisdom that has made Anou who she is today.

Ellora Sattar

Head - Events + Activations

Needless to say, Ellora is an event in herself — she generates an electrifying atmosphere with her professional presence, each moment thoughtfully curated to bring out the best in human connections, and build lasting memories that leave you coming back for more.

Backed by a 16-year career specialising in Marketing & Communications across diverse industries such as Aviation, Education and Hospitality, Ellora is the heartbeat of Anou Events minus the fanfare. Her dogged pursuit for perfection means an insatiable knowledge of all clients, for which she fearlessly takes on with a strong work ethic, innovative mindset and ultimately, a deep care for people.

Charlene Sim

Head - Creative + Comms

Emerging surreptitiously from the smoking embers of Advertising in its heyday (think Mad Men in early 2000s), Charlene made the leap from Senior Copywriter to Creative-for-Hire. Blessed with a good head for concepts, an eye for aesthetics and words that pack a punch, she clicked her heels and found her calling 5 years ago at Anou Events.

20 years may seem like a long enough career in Communications, but Charlene always finds something new to learn and incorporate for the next project. Her fresh, creatively pragmatic perspective often derails the team in a good way, pushing them incubate extraordinary ideas and formulate memorable concepts.

Danielle Rigon

Event + Activations Manager

What any Events team need is a Danni clone (sorry, we’re not sharing the original). She is a gun, making things happen even before you finish your sentence. Then again, you can also call her the Swiss Army knife of the team, taking on the needful and doing it with such precision and integrity. What a weapon of mass…execution!

In a short span of 5 years, Danni has hone her natural organisational abilities and business acumen into a formidable suite of specialised skills for Events and Marketing. Integral to the team supporting Kmart, Qatar Airways and Vicinity accounts, she upholds the Anou Events maxim — Team work makes the dream work!

Junior Sachdev

Senior Events Co-ordinator

Don’t be misled by the name and a quiet disposition. While humility is one of Junior’s best assets, we can gloat on his behalf. Meticulous with a creative eye, Junior is every Events Director’s ideal wingman. With close to 40 film premieres under his belt, he brings a wealth of events knowledge and production experience to the world of guest management, digital ticketing and press junkets.

With the rapid expansion of Anou Events, Junior is harnessing his versatility and resourcefulness, taking on high-profiled corporate projects and assisting Ellora with specialised production and logistics for ANKO and Vicinity.

Fadzli Fauzi

Senior Creative

What often goes unnoticed and unacknowledged in big event setups is the creative mind behind the smallest of details. Fadzli may have one pair of extremely skillful hands and one giant creative brain but with three demanding accounts and concurrent deadlines, it can be impossible. Well, Fadzli continues to ‘fadz’ us with conquering impossibilities in a calm disposition.

Perhaps it’s something to do with the water he drinks or graduating with an Honours degree or 15 years immersed in all things design and concept in top Branding, Marketing and Communications agencies. To measure how invaluable he is, take a look at our portfolio and everything you see has a touch of Fadzli